Detroit Renaissance District

District Officers

President: John Walls

1st Vice President: Lewis Moore

2nd Vice President: John Borso

Secretary: Randy Jensen

Treasurer: Ron Fadoir

Scouting Coordinator: Pat Bradley



"Hands for Detroit" planning committee approached the District Methodist Men to build bus stop benches. Neighborhood members had requested benches at several bus stops because none were provided. Sounds easy, but we had to come up with the plans. John Walls, the President, the astute man that he is said; "I'll just go on the web." Sure enough someone else had already had the plans and built a sample. John made a few modifications and sent out to District United Methodist UMM with a list of materials to buy and all the measurements, at only $50. per bench. The District Men supplied materials for (4), Newburg UMC (2), and Farmington UMC (1). The Friday before the event we went to a back yard in the Mt. Elliot area. John had already cut materials for 4 benches and Farmington UMC cut theirs there. We assembled all 5 benches and were done by noon. Newburg UMC came on Saturday about noon with their 2 benches all assembled and a trailer. We sanded off the rough edges and loaded them on a trailer. Off we went to drop off the benches at the designated bus stops. As you can see in the pictures, we even tested them out. A sit down thanks to: John Walls, Pat Bradley, Jim Aymer, Frank Wassilak, Ron Fador, Rodney Gasaway, and the youth of Newburg UMC. The District Men especially want to give a big Thank You to Janice Denson for letting us use her back yard, electric power and coffee.-Pat Bradley-